This crime is governed by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266 Section 120 which makes it a crime to Trespass.

Pursuant to the Massachusetts General Laws as summarized in the Model Jury Instructions, the Government must, beyond a reasonable doubt, proved:

  1. That the Defendant, without the legal right, entered into or remained in a premises, boat, or improved/enclosed land that belonged to another person.
  2. That the entry or remaining on this property by the Defendant was forbidden by the person with legal control of the premises, and the Defendant was aware of this by direct or posted notice.

The crime Trespass is a serious crime. An admission to sufficient facts or conviction of this crime can result in probation or jail. Furthermore, an admission to sufficient facts or conviction can impede one’s ability to get a firearm license, employment, driver’s license or a professional license. The Law Office of Paul M. King, P.C. has over nine years' experience as a lawyer and a wealth of experience fighting criminal cases in Massachusetts. Call Attorney Paul M. King at the Law Office of Paul M. King, P.C. for your initial consultation at 978-851-5145 or contact us online.

The above is a summary of the elements of the crime for the State of Massachusetts and is obtained from the Model Jury Instructions published by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education. The elements for this crime, laws governing said crime and potential punishments differ for the States of Maine and New Hampshire.